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Your Questions Answered!

So recently I had done a post telling you guys to leave a question in the comments below and this is the post with the answers! I also tagged everyone who left a question so be sure to check out their blogs too!
From Garrett Karrot
Getting cosy in my pj’s and lying in bed is probably my favourite retreat!
From Matt:
I think what surprised me most- in a good way- was how friendly everyone was including the professor’s most of which are really nice and easy to talk to.
From Neha Nandwana:
I love that I’m a very empathetic person because I think it’s so important to remain empathetic especially in this day and age when it sometimes feels like the hate is growing.
From Cindi Moore:
A lot of travelling for sure!
From Joshada Nondan:
I love the moon and the sun although I may love the sun a little less soon with summer coming up! And I love the rain- especially falling asleep in while it’s raining out.
From Oliveunicorn:
From Cethru Cellophane:
I think the fact that it was similar to English was one of the things that attracted me to it and the other was that as a history enthusiast it makes it easier for me to read sources in their original language because I think translations are never really fully the same.
From Gina:
Of course the first would be that I try to be honest and transparent with my followers. The second would be to always write about things you actually care about- the audience can definitely tell if your writing is forced. The last would be that I’m just lucky to have an amazing audience that are so active!
From Pranita:
Thanks I’m taking my own advice lol!
From Robin:
I don’t think I’m scared of any animal in particular but I guess I wouldn’t exactly want to be in a room alone with a snake lol!
From Aditi Verma:
It was the perfect outlet for me when I needed one really bad.
From Eromosele Emmanuel:
It’s complicated lol!
From Opher:
Omg so many questions and they’re all so good! I don’t really know if there’s a God or not but I personally think that despite whether or not you believe in God you should just try to live your best life, be kind to all living beings and be caring and compassionate. Overpopulation is definitely one of reasons for a lot of the problems. I think the only way to solve global warming is if we all work together to change our ways. No, realistically I don’t think the rapid extinction rate can be reversed. If it was a perfect world where everyone cared maybe but not in the reality we live in. I love Jimi Hendrix and I personally think he’s an incredible guitarist! I think Phil Ochs was better than Bob Dylan if I’m keeping it real.
From Kiran:
I’m from Kenya, studying history in Canada.
From Dr. Thomas Maples:
I’m majoring in History hoping to pursue a career in that field. Thanks and I agree WordPress is so much more positive and supportive! It’s like a huge family!
From Phanuel Ayelum:
I started blogging as an outlet and I continue to blog because it has remained a great outlet for me and I just have such an amazing audience it really encourages me to continue!
From Haroon Mirza:
Mental health posts or six word stories are probably my favourite!
From Joyce Holzman Hanscom:
I’m not Christian but I love the Christian community on WordPress they are so supportive and great!
From Uma:
Mr. Darcy is probably my all time favourite! And I totally love Bridget Jones she is so hilarious and relatable!
From A. Shepherdson:
Lol I have a silly and funny story about that but long story short no I do not πŸ˜‚
From Karac Avalron:
I don’t really like pies so much and cakes are okay but I definitely prefer cupcakes and yes they are totally their own classification lol!
From Tiani:
Oh man there are so many things! I think what I love most about Kenyan culture is how everyone is so ready to help one another and how everyone is connected. I also love the food- nothing in the world tastes as good as Kenyan food!
From Shruti Dubey:
I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now!
From Ajay Patel:
I would have to say it’s a tie between Imagine by John Lennon and I’m Going To Say It Now by Phil Ochs. With Imagine it really speaks to me on a spiritual level and with the Phil Ochs song as a student I find it extremely relatable.
From Adlerwrites:
I was looking for an outlet and for a place where I could write and WordPress/blogging ended up being the perfect way to do that.
Thank you so much for the questions everyone I had so much fun answering them and I can’t wait to do this again!
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