Your Questions Answered #2

Thank you to everyone who participated and left questions- I had so much fun answering all of them and I hope you guys enjoy my answers!
Mimie Mailumo:

I am currently majoring in History and I am twenty three years old!
Poet Of The Light:

Ooh this is a tough one! With the whole pandemic going on I haven’t been able to go home in a while so I would be at home in Kenya with my parents just eating some pizza and hanging out.

My parents have always been very interested in History and talked to me about it when I was younger so I think that’s where it began. And I’ve always had a very vivid imagination so I have always loved reading about history/historical events and imagining it.
Blessing Pius:

Good question but to be honest I am not too sure yet. I think it depends on what kind of job offers I get here versus back home.

Benjamin Lay, Coretta Scott King and Mark Twain. They are all very amazing people who although are from different periods of time would probably get along well. They’re all vegan or vegetarian so it would be so much easier to cook for them- I would probably make soup as a starter, loaded potatoes as a main dish and some vegan pie as dessert.
Matt Kohrell:

Yes absolutely!
Riddhi B:

Yes, my mum is from Gujarat!

This is such a great question because it’s a problem I have dealt with personally a lot. Generally people tend to either love or hate someone especially famous people/historical figures but as a history major I realise that there is always good and bad in people. Even people who we sometimes see as heroes or perfect are obviously not because at the end of the day we are all just human and humans have flaws. The best way to deal with this situation is to calmly share the facts about them that point towards them not being such a great person. Don’t make the other person feel attacked but rather just try to show them that there are always grey areas.

That’s a good question! The truth is I don’t like the name lifesfinewhine very much. The name was kind of random and it fit when I first started the blog but I have evolved so much since then that I don’t know if it fits anymore. Plus, I planned on posting about different things on my IG compared to what I post on here. I wanted to post about food and travel which is why I decided to go with herbivoreonajourney. 

Lol I’m nosy too so I totally understand! Yes, I do make money on my blog. And if I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be an Indian dish called Khichdi– it is my absolute favourite food in the world.

My family and friends- they inspire me every day to be the greatest version of myself.
Billy Mann:

  1. The food- as a food you know that’s the first thing I’m going to mention. Kenya has the best food in the world. I have travelled to many places and no food has every come close to Kenyan food.
  2. The wildlife- there is so much to see in Kenya. The wildlife and nature is truly breathtaking.
  3. The culture- Kenyan culture is so interesting, unique and beautiful. If nothing else come to learn about the culture.

I have like a million more reasons because Kenya is amazing but I will stop at three for now lol.

Omg that’s such a difficult question. I guess a rewind button so I can keep doing stupid things but also there would be no consequences.

I’m good and hope you are too! I plan to work and many try blogging full-time. Not too sure yet to be honest.

The only way I think we can save it is if we all work together to reduce our carbon footprint and make an effort to undo the damage that has already been done.
Manoj Mehra:

I love fall so I’ll say fall. Or 4/20 because that’s my birthday lol- every year I get a new grey hair!

I actually have multiple posts with assumptions and my answers to them that you can check out here. In general one assumption I get all the time is that I’m Indian/from India. Diaspora communities exist you guys lol!

I just looked though my stats and currently my most popular post is my share and promote post and the next one is a post called cute kittens with images of kittens- I think it’s pretty self explanatory why that one is so popular. I think people like sharing their blog and discovering new ones to check out which is why my share and promote post is so popular.

Thank you! It’s definitely fall because it’s not too hot or cold and everything is pumpkin flavoured!

Thank you! Yes, I would like to visit Trier and Berlin in particular but I would love to travel all around too.
Chery Loregelia:

No, because to be honest I am the absolute worst… Not in general just in relationships.

Hey! I definitely prefer to be left alone. I get super irritated when people talk to me when I am in a bad mood/having a bad day and I prefer to process my feelings on my own.
Aashna Drishti:

I will be working for sure but that’s as far as I have thought for now. As for career it will definitely have something to do with history but I’m not too sure what.
Lucia M:

It’s super fun not knowing anyone because you get to reinvent yourself and also have lots of amazing experiences. The downside is that you miss your friends and family.
Shelly DS: 

Yes, very!
The Dragon’s Picnic:

There are so many people it’s hard to pick just one. I guess if I absolutely had to pick just one person it would be Rosa Parks because she is one of my idols in life and being able to talk to her would be such an honour.

There are so many thing I wish I could change. I guess I would stop Serb Gavrilo Princip which would stop WWI which I’m hoping would stop WWII from happening. I really wish I could save the lives of everyone who died in those two wars and during the Holocaust.

I absolutely love conspiracy theories although I generally don’t believe in most of them because at the end of the day they are just theories. I do like to think aliens built the pyramids because that would be awesome although I am fully aware that is not the case.
Anand Kumar:

Wow you guys are super curious about what my plans are after uni! Like I’ve said above I’m not too sure about those plans- I’ll probably start working or apply for Masters depending on how I feel at the time. My About Me has not changed much except now that I’ve seen like every show/movie ever my list of shows/movies I like is a lot longer. My favourite posts to write and read about are about mental health because I love sharing my story and reading other peoples. The more we share our stories the less stigma there will be. Relationship status is now “so single I have been referring to my teddy bear as my main hoe.”
Amorina Rose:

I’m a history major- I’m currently in my fourth year. At the moment I’m a full time student so I’m not working but I will start as soon as I am done with my degree.

Not yet but I plan on living on a farm someday so maybe someday!

I plan to keep blogging as long as I enjoy doing it!
Joel Abakah:

I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy… lol kidding! I think I am someone who wants the best for other people and the world. I am not a perfect person. I have many flaws but I try to be the best version of myself.
Introvert Next Door:

Yes, I always have and I still do. I try to interact to an extent and not force myself to if I don’t want to. What I often do is interact for about fifteen minutes or thirty minutes by replying to comments or liking/commenting on other blogs and then I take a break and do something else like school work or housework. Most people with anxiety will understand what I mean when I say this helps to recharge my socialising battery and make sure it never reaches a point where it’s empty.
Henry Chamberlain:

I REALLY hope it goes away but realistically I don’t know if it will. It may still take a while.

Yes, I would! I learnt to do art on art apps- check out my artwork by clicking here. I started learning German again and I have done a lesson every day for over one hundred days now. I learnt how to use Microsoft Teams too because of online classes- it’s not the best but it’s better than nothing.

Travelling. I don’t have any plans to settle down for at least the next five to ten years so I would definitely choose travelling.
Sasmita Patnaik:

Being active and staying genuine! For detailed blogging advice click here.
The Newbury Girl:

Han Solo! I actually dressed up as him once but I don’t have the picture. I love him because he’s a rebel, talented, kind and hilarious.

The annoying construction sounds in my apartment building.

Yes I love it!! I used to watch it all the time as a kid!

As Frank Reynolds beautifully put it “I’m gonna get real weird with it.” So yes, the blog would change, a lot… As a Sunny fan I absolutely had to add this clip!

I try to help people who email me or reach out to me but I don’t usually point stuff out on their site if I notice something because I feel like it’s not my place to do that. Unless their site isn’t working at all or some of their features aren’t working then I’ll let them know.

All of Africa, Europe, East Asia and Bhutan- not sure if it’s considered part of East Asia.

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