Why Your Traffic Has Decreased

A small decrease in views once in a while is totally normal however if you notice a consistence decrease in views you may be making some of the following mistakes which luckily are very easily fixable!
Not responding to comments-  A large number of bloggers really enjoy communicating with one another and socializing with everyone. Commenting is a very important part of the blogging experience and not replying to comments may be one of the reasons your readers aren’t returning. A lot of people may prefer to read blogs from people they can interact with.
Not being active- I say this a lot but it’s definitely true- WordPress is very much a two way street. If you don’t support other blogs they are going to stop supporting you too. If you notice that someone consistently likes and comments on your blog make sure to return the favour. This will encourage people to keep coming back to your blog. If you don’t return the favour people may stop returning to your blog over time. For more on how to be active on WordPress click here. 
Not being consistent- If you don’t post consistently at the same time readers may not know when to visit your blog for new posts. If you don’t post for a while they may also think you’ve stopped blogging which is pretty common sometimes. Scheduling your post and remaining consistent can really help increase your traffic. For more on how to schedule your posts click here.
Not using tags well- I always say this as well but tags are super important when it comes to blogging! Not using the correct tags or the tags that could bring you optimum views can really cut down your views, likes and follows. For more on how to use tags correctly click here.
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