Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers

People will know- People will definitely know that your followers are fake eventually. They’ll notice the lack of activity that comes from having organic followers.
Sponsors will know– Again sponsors will definitely know. Since their job is to figure out who would be the best to sponsor they’re going to look at your stats and realise your followers are fake due to the lack of activity on your blog.
It’s unethical- Blogging is not just about getting followers/likes it’s about writing and creating posts that people can genuinely enjoy. Although there is no official rule book people are still likely going to avoid your blog if they realise your followers are fake.
It’s unfair to real bloggers- Those of us who are attempting to grow our blog organically spend a lot of time and effort to do so. It’s not as easy as people assume it is and it takes a lot of effort for your blog to grow organically. I find it extremely wrong when someone chooses to avoid the hard work and buy followers instead especially when it’s super obvious and you just know their followers are bots.
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