What Self-Hosting Means For You

Self-Hosting And How This Will Effect You

I just wanted to confirm that I will be self-hosting from here onwards. I contacted WP on multiple occasions asking them to unblock me but they completely ignored me and encouraged me to leave so that’s exactly what I will be doing. To be honest I no longer want to be on a platform that does not really care about its users.
Here’s a great article on the basics of self-hosting:
I have received multiple emails and messages about the situation and what it will mean for my audience/followers. That’s why I wanted to post this as soon as possible to explain what this will mean for you as a reader/subscriber.  This is what it will mean for you:


Mostly, my move to being a self-hosted site will mean absolutely nothing for you. If the move goes smoothly- which I am hoping it will- you will continue to be subscribed to my blog, you will continue seeing my posts on your Reader, you will continue to get email notifications every time my posts are published and you will continue to be able to read my posts both on and off the Reader.
There will be no major changes on your end apart from a few good changes like my site will probably load a lot faster if you read it off the Reader on a separate tab.

It May Take A While To Set Up

Obviously, exporting your site is a pretty big change so it may take a couple of days to set up and there may be a couple of glitches along the way. If you notice an glitches after I have moved I would really appreciate you telling me so that I can fix them as soon as possible.

Email Subscriptions

I know that a lot of people were afraid that they would no longer be following my blog but I want to assure you that this will not be the case. If all goes well you will still be automatically subscribed to my blog and will not have to manually do anything.
However, on the off chance that something may go wrong I have read that it helps if you have an email subscription instead of following me via your blog. You can subscribe via email by opening my site in a new tab- on the left hand side or bottom if you are using your phone you will see this box.

Add your email to it and press subscribe. This will ensure that even if something goes wrong you will still continue to get updates from my blog via email. You can always unsubscribe once my move is complete and you are sure that you are still following me.
I would really appreciate it if you guys could follow me via email because it would help make the move easier. Thank you in advance!


In conclusion, not much will change for you unless the move goes wrong. I want to thank everyone again for the support you have shown me on my blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebbook. I have gotten so many amazing messages, emails and comments. If you have any questions that I did not address above let me know. If the questions are about self-hosting I will be posting about the whole process as soon as I am done with the move to a self-hosted blog. Oh and before I forget the answers to the questions you left me will be up next week!

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