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What Is The Point? A Young Person’s Perspective

What Is The Point? A Young Person’s Perspective On The Earth, And Climate Change

By Jon
“What’s the point (in learning), the world and everything on it is going to die anyway.”
This was a comment from a young lady to me yesterday. She is intelligent, independent and thoughtful. Someone who is much older in their thinking than their age. I would gladly talk to her about her opinions on anything.
What struck me was the fact that she is right. If what we read about climate change is to be extrapolated to the extreme, she will not have a future. I may do, if limited.
She indicated that the world is looking to their generation to fix things. That should not be the case. It is my generation who will fix it. We need the mass mobilization of people to apply pressures to governments and corporations.
An individual can change their habits but a population needs complete system change, which doesn’t happen overnight. Afterwards, I was upset at her comments as we may only have a limited time, so we need to make a difference.
I wanted to know more about her perceptions of the world, so asked if I could interview her for this blog. Here is our conversation, almost verbatim:
“What’s the point (in learning), the world and everything on it is going to die anyway.”
Why did you say that?
It’s just a fact.
How do you know it’s a fact?
Everything dies eventually.
In the current climate, do you think we are on a more rapid course for this?
Yes, because no one is taking action about anything. They are just speaking about it.
What do you think the biggest potential challenges are to the Earth?
Mass production of items, plastic crap, stuff that is not needed or that is just used for 5 months and then is gone.
What can we do?
Have laws to stop certain companies (e.g. McDonalds) making items that are not needed (e.g. items with happy meals).
What can we as individuals?
If you don’t need it then don’t buy it. Use substitutes like metal containers for water in place of plastic bottles.
What would you like to happen in the next ten years?
The world to be more environmentally friendly. Countries to be less economically motivated around money.
Who should be taking action now?
Leaders of countries. If there are no countries left then they will not be leaders any more and they would have failed in their role.
Who are the current champions of this?
Scandinavian countries. Organisations that do stuff, but it is not big enough, it is under the surface.
(At this point I was thinking about Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, The Green Party etc)
What organisations do you think they are?
Don’t know
Why do you not know about them?
They are not causing enough effect for people to know. Drastic action is needed rather than little things if we only have 11 years left.
Why do you think not enough people know about these organisations or know what is happening with climate change in the world?
I think everyone knows about climate change. They are doing a few things but not enough. For example electric cars are being produced but not enough. They also need to manufacture the power for them.
Did you know Indonesia is on fire?
No, because Australia is a bigger newsflash at the moment. Is it really on fire?
(we discussed this for a moment)
Do you think part of the problem is our news coverage?
Yes. You can tell that the news sometimes covers stuff up by putting unnecessary stuff on there instead.
Ultimately what you think will happen to our Earth?
It is going to start to rot.
How do you feel about that?
It’s sad because the human race will go with it too and that has not clocked into everyone’s minds yet. The whole Earth will look like the industrial revolution – concrete and darkness.
What would you like to do about it?
I care about it but there are only limited things you can do: solar panels, not using plastics, cut down on meat and dairy. I would cut down on eating meat, and would like to go vegetarian. The meat production is too massive.
This is quite depressing
Choose a dark topic and get a dark answer.
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