What I Eat In A Day #3

What I Eat In A Day

I have been wanting to make another What I Eat In A Day post for a while now and someone also suggested it on the survey/poll I took a few weeks back but I have not had the time recently and to be honest I had not been eating anything that exciting so I wanted to wait till I ate somethings that were new and fun. That way I can do mini reviews along with the what I ate in a day post. This is from a while back but looking at the pictures now makes me want to go get a snack lol! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!


As those of you who have read my previous What I Eat In A Day will know I am not a breakfast person. I rarely eat breakfast and when I do it’s usually some granola or something like that. I tend to prefer to drink a smoothie or protein milk for breakfast rather than eat because eating in the morning makes me feel a bit gross.
On this day we decided to eat breakfast for once and made some vegan waffles with vegan whipped cream, vegan marshmallows and some fruits.
The waffles we made were the Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles from Nature’s Path. This was our first time trying them and they were super delicious and we ended up getting some more after this. For anyone looking for dairy-free and egg free waffles I would highly recommend these although they do have soy so if you are soy-free these may not be for you. They are also gluten free for those of you who are looking for gluten free alternatives.
The whipped cream we decided to use was the Coco Whip Topping from So Delicious. So Delicious is probably one of my favourite vegan brands when it comes to anything sweet like ice cream or whipped cream. Their products are honestly so good and if you have not tried them yet I would highly recommend them even if you are not vegan/dairy-free. The taste was really good although it got melted which was out fault because we should have waited before we put it on the waffles. It still tasted awesome though so we didn’t really care. The coco whip is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.
The marshmallows are from Dandies. They are honestly so delicious and they taste just like non-vegan marshmallows which is great. I love eating marshmallows as snacks sometimes so we usually have some at home and since we were having a pretty unhealthy breakfast we decided to add the marshmallows on top! They are vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.
This was one of the best breakfasts ever and I have breakfast a lot more now thanks to these waffles- I usually have them with syrup though not like this. And I’ve also been having them with Gardien’s breakfast patties which are nice and savoury so they balance out the sweetness of the waffles.


Since I had a big breakfast I wanted to eat a simple lunch and preferably something rice based because that isn’t too heavy. I had been meaning to make Korean style wings for a while and decided this would be a good time to make them. I also had a bunch of veggies I wanted to use up so I decided to stir fry those to eat as a side too. All I added to the veggies was a bit of soy sauce and a bit of crushed red pepper.
For the wings I used cauliflower wings from a brand called Wholly Veggie. In general, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this brand simply because I had literally never tried any of their products before the wings. The wings come with their own sauce but since I wanted to make mine Korean style I didn’t use those. I baked the wings, made the Korean style sauce and it turned out absolutely amazing. I would DEFINITELY recommend these. The wings were also quite a lot but I shared them with my sister so the amount in the picture is a bit less than half.


I got a little peckish before dinner so I decided to make a snack. I had eaten kind of an unhealthy breakfast and lunch so instead of having an unhealthy snack too I decided to make some stir fried plantain. I absolutely love plantain especially when it’s fried/stir fried like this. It turned out amazing and I was definitely very satisfied with the snack.


After having so many new things to eat in the morning and for lunch I decided to make something very simple for dinner. I already had some left over stir fried vegetables and rice so I decided to make a Korean dish called Bibimbap which is a mix of rice, vegetables and gochujang. I ate it with some GimMe seaweed and some Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi. I talk about both of those all the time and you know I absolutely love them both.


I think this was such a great day for food because I got to try a bunch of stuff I had been meaning to try for a long time and I also got to eat a lot of my favourite foods! I also wanted to say that I don’t usually eat this much processed/frozen food in general since I try to eat as many homemade meals as possible but I think it’s nice to take a break once in a while and enjoy something like this.


Do you guys prefer waffles or pancakes? Do you like Korean food? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned on this post? Are you guys as obsessed with plantains as I am? What are some vegan foods you would recommend for me to try out because I’m always looking for something new to try? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know if you want any recipes for the foods I mentioned above!

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