Weighing In On “Couch Guy”

If you’re not Gen-Z or a millennial or someone who uses social media quite often you may not have heard of Couch Guy. However, for a lot of us Couch Guy has blown up and become a thing.

To give you a little background I’ll tell you about what happened and how he went viral. Basically, a girl on TikTok went to visit her long distance boyfriend, now known as Couch Guy, and posted a video of their reunion. TikTok users first saw this as a cute moment between a couple but soon began accusing Couch Guy of being unfaithful.

In the video, you can see him on the couch sitting very close to three girls, one of which was going through his phone and handed in back to him really quickly when the girlfriend walked in. Further evidence of his alleged cheating includes the fact that he was wearing a black hairband on his hand which people are assuming belongs to the girl he was cheating with. He has very short hair and wouldn’t need a hairband for it. People also claim he didn’t seem excited, the three girls were acting suspicious etc. Both Couch Guy and Couch Girlfriend have taken to social media to clear up the rumours. They claim that he was not cheating and they are still in a relationship at the moment.

I started going down a weird Couch Guy hole, to be honest, and now I’m sort of invested in the situation. I haven’t done a random post like this one in a while so I though today would be a good day to discuss it.

Here’s a video of the incident so you can judge for yourself:

Videos explaining the situation/explaining why people think he was cheating:

Couch Girlfriend’s response:

I made this post because the internet is kind of divided and also filled with trolls so I kind of wanted to know what the blogging world (which I find more stable) thinks about the situation. I’m very curious to know what your verdict is. Was he cheating? Was it an innocent hangout with the girls? Please let me known in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

Disclaimer: I didn’t make this post to hate on anyone so please don’t be hateful towards the couple on here or on their social pages. I just found this interesting and wanted to know your thoughts about the situation. Personally, I think he was cheating or that at least something was off but of course only the people in the situation can really know what happened. 

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