Versatile Blogger Award! #2

I would like to thank girlenters for nominating me for this awesome award! She is super awesome and has a really great blog so please do check it out! And I’m so sorry it took me forever to do this!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

Facts About Me:

  • I am very stubborn and I like to do things my way

Image result for stubborn GIF

  • I really like cheese

Image result for I like cheese GIF

  • I like everything to be in a certain way and it drives me crazy when it isn’t but I’m working on that!

Image result for I like things in a certain way GIF

  • I have a pretty explosive temper (I get mad at stuff very easily) but I’m also working on that!

Related image

  • I hate carrots

Image result for I hate carrots GIF

  • I love Game Of Thrones and no I didn’t mind that Ed Sheeran was on it

Image result for Game of Thrones GIF

  • I can be very lazy but I can also be very active depending on my mood

Image result for I'm lazy GIF

My Nominees Are:

Anyone reading this should consider themselves nominated!

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