The Super Easy Trick To Get A Larger Following

Even though a lot of bloggers out there don’t care that much about following, for those that do I’ve realised that there is one really important thing that can get you a larger following of organic followers.

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The secret is being active. A lot of bloggers join WordPress thinking it’s easy and that they just have to put out a post and before they know it they will accumulate a large following but it’s almost always not that easy. In fact, it’s so much more work than that. I feel like a lot of people don’t anticipate just how difficult it really is to gain followers on WordPress.

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Over time I’ve realised that when it comes to blogging and WordPress you need to make sure to be active on other peoples blogs as well if you want them to stop by on yours.

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Luckily, the majority of bloggers on WordPress are super friendly and supportive so they are more than happy to support your blog if you support their which is amazing if you compare if to social media like Instagram where people are quick to follow and unfollow as soon as you follow them back.

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Full post on how to be more active on other blogs coming up soon!

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