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The Spammer Case Study |By Caden738

A few days ago you may have seen my post “3 Ways To Blog Better”. If you read it, then you also read my 3 messages throughout the post, which clearly stated “Do not like, or comment, this is a test for spammers”. Before I go on let me tell you what a spammer is, in the Blogosphere.

What Is A Spammer In The Blogosphere?

A like-spammer is someone who Likes random posts without reading them. They go through, and like everything hoping to get some free advertising, views, anf follows to their blog. A comment-spammer is very much the same, except for the fact that they leave vague comments like “Wow, really enjoyed this post”, implying that they read the post, but showing no proof, leading us to believe that they are a spammer. Or more commonly “This post is so great! Come help support my blog too”, or “Hey I have my own blog, come check it out”, and even just leaving a link to their blog in the comment section. Again they do this with the Hopes that someone will see them, and visit their blog.

Why Is It An Issue?

Because you don’t get real results!

It’s that simple. How do you know if someone really likes your blog if they’re just trying to promote theirs. Fun fact: That post (3 Ways To Blog Better) takes 4 minutes for the average person to read. It got 5 likes in the first 2 minutes. Can people read 13 paragraphs in 2 minutes? I’m gonna say no. You see you may not see this as an issue, you may see it as free likes. But serious bloggers want serious results. We want to know how our blog is performing, and if we need to improve something, or if we aren’connecting with our audience. Spammers delude you, and blind you from your mistakes, and what you need to improve.

How can you make your blog better if it’s getting spammed with likes, and Comments?

If something is working, why change it? That’s the mentality of most people. So if your post isn’t real good, and could really use some quality improvement but its getting 50 spam-likes, and comments all the time, how are you supposed to know it’s bad? The average person will say “Oh, well this works, so I’ll keep it up”.

The Study

So here’s our results. Again let me say that I left 3 messages saying not to like, or comment the test post.

Avg. First 72 Hours:

This is the average amount of Likes, and Comments Pooja gets on her posts after the first 72 hours, I determined this by examining her blog, and using simple algebra:

Likes: 213

Comments: 38.4 Comments

Study Post Results:

After the study posts’ first 72 hours it received

Likes: 156

Comments: 7

NOTE: 19 comments, & likes were subtracted from that number, for various reasons. We only counted the generect comments that can be copied & pasted over and over from one blog to the next.

This means that Pooja’s blog received about 57 less likes, and 31.4 less comments. Roughly 27% less likes, and 82% less comments. Which would mean that about 70-73% of her likes, and 18% of her comments are spam.

How You Can Test For Spammers On Your Site

Let’s say that hypothetically you receive 100 likes, and 20 comments every single time you make a post. So that means that if you made a poll on your website you should receive at least 100 likes, right?


So the simplest way is to make a poll, and post it. Spammers don’t read the posts they just randomly Like, and Copy & Paste generic comments that can apply to pretty much any article. So if your poll gets 10 likes, but no votes then you’ve got some spammers.

A Note To Spammers:

I know that the chances are literally 0.01%, but if you are reading this then please recognize the negative results of your actions. It’s not fun when you find out that people only like your blog, for advertising there own. Or that they only comment for the same reason. And that’s just the touchy, feely side of it.

It’s bad for bloggers who—as I’ve said—want real results.

And seriously how much do you actually profit from doing this? What? An extra 2 views a day?

If you want advertising then pay for it with Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Or Google Ads. Heck If it gets you to stop spamming I’ll even help you with it! If you need help, or advice for ads contact me at

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  • Jerry Brotherton

    I have had post that i’ve put up and recieved likes within seconds of hitting the post button. I think a lot of people go to their reader and just start hitting the like button without even visiting your site. So far, I think most of my comments have been real. Thanks for the info, but people never change.

  • V

    Interesting concept. I’m someone who has completely different views of what spamming is. But then again, my perspective comes from ten years in Digital Marketing. So I am definitely open to the fact that people can vehemently disagree with my perspectives on the matter.

    For several days I was waking up in the morning and seeing hundreds of comments all with links to the exact same pornographic website. That, that was horrible spam!

  • gaillovesgod

    My… that is a pretty passionate post. I am glad someone said it out loud. For the last year or so WordPress just keeps saying, “If it’s going to the Spam box, there’s really nothing we can do. Just ignore it.” But ignoring is not a choice considering WP filter constantly accidentally puts genuine posts from longtime friends and followers in there too. I eventually gave up worrying about stats. They don’t mean anything anymore. But I have the luxury of not being a business or just blogging. I am always praying for those who are genuinely counting on those numbers. Praying for you as well!
    I hope your post brings about a needed change! God loves you!

  • Hilary Tan

    I moderate comments so I haven’t had this issue yet. I get A TON of spam the occasional innocent comment will get sent to the spam folder. The first comment of EVERY commenter needs to be approved. So for innocent commenters it’s easy for them to get approved, but for spammers they will never get approved.

    I too deal with people who like without reading and leave a string of notifications. I know it didn’t take them 2 seconds to thoroughly read what I wrote. I write an average of 600 words per post so that’s virtually impossible. It’s annoying that they do that but I’m also flattered at the same time. I get a bunch of likes but I don’t do the same thing back to them. Sorry buddy but I won’t be spam-liking your stuff to boost your stats! 😂

  • Sharon

    I was wondering what the results would be, I did read the original post and thought it was a clever idea. To be honest I am a bit shocked that so many people liked without having read the post. I often like out of politeness and wanting to encourage, maybe I should be a bit more sparing with likes. This has been clever and thought provoking, my like is very genuine.

  • Marilyn Unmasked

    Thank you so much for the post. I’m a relative newbie blogger but I noticed fairly early on that a few Likes came from individuals (groups even?) who wanted to sell me tuition etc. Much more recently I’ve had Like after Like – sometimes within seconds – from the same person. It feels really creepy, like being stalked online.
    Your post has helped put this into perspective.
    I also followed a link (Facebook had suggested pages I might like) and found lots of my own posts copied with the addition of some text that could have been Arabic? Did not recognise it but it was a very cursive style. Does anyone have any thoughts on this please?
    You have such a useful conversation going here.

    • caden738

      Well that’s Plagiarism, you need to contact Google and have them take it down.

      You see there’s plagiarism and there’s ReBlogs. A Reblog credits the author, and leaves a link back to their site. But to do a ReBlog you generally need some sort of permission, and if you don’t get permission and the author sees it you need to take it down if they say so.

      Plagiarism is just common theft.

  • cyrsti

    I guess I will be labeled a “spammer.” Why? Because I am dyslexic and often begin reading a post from the end or the middle.
    I’m also cursed with a very short attention span so I have a difficult time retaining a very long post.
    Oh well.

    • caden738

      Actually that wouldn’t label you a “Spammer”. Spammers never read the post whatsoever. They go through the Dashboard just clicking “Like” on every post they see with the intentions of the Blogger they liked seeing them, visiting their blog, and possibly subscribing.

      Or they copy & paste generic comments like “Good Post”, because they know that comments are more likely to receive attention.

  • sillypointcricket

    I am now a bit scared to like/comment on your blog incase I miss some mysterious sign that I’m not supposed too!

    I’ll admit that I may skim read to some extent, genuinely reading 75-80% of the words and hoping that’ll get me the gist. I’m only refering to epically long posts here.

    Oh and plagiarism, I know about that! There’s a fine line between being inspired by and plagiarising… in fact it’s quite a clear line. I read content on the web and that can provide the spark and also information (Often statistical in my case) but I write articles in my own way. I’ve had people down right copy stuff where I was hamming it up as a joke, maybe they changed a word. I noticed a lot of copy and paste sites when I first started blogging. I don’t get it. Getting off track here!

    Congratulations on 11,109 followers and thanks for the insights that you provide. You shouldn’t be getting hit on via this medium but I guess for some bloggers (Unlike me), if you’ve got links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and is it TikTok or TokTok or something now? then you run the risk of readers getting personal… the bottom of the internet can be a dark place. Somebody suggested linking social media profiles to passports or bank cards etc… anyway, I’ll stop typing!

  • Michelle

    I do sometimes like something before I start reading it. I do notice people like my posts without reading them because it says zero but has likes. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to when I first started blogging.

    I don’t have enough following to generate anything from ads so I don’t bother doing that but I don’t ask for reads on others blogs. I only attempt in places on twitter where it is allowed. I read all posts and comment if I have something to say about what I read. There are times when I don’t have anything to say but that is rare.

    I don’t read and follow a lot of bloggers. Some that I follow I rarely read. I don’t search for bloggers and comment just to gain from it.

  • Nat

    I found this really interesting. As a relatively new blogger it’s frustrating to see there is stuff like this going on, although I’m not at all surprised. Here I am with a few under 100 followers and between 12 and 35 reads a day and I’m now wondering how genuine those likes are (I have a few comments but know they’re genuine). Thank you for highlighting this though as it’s good to know so early in! 🙂

  • Becky

    This was an interesting article and analysis however the typos and lack of spaces made it very difficult to read. Definitely going to watch for spammers and make sure my comments are meaningful in the future.

  • Daijaha

    I never thought about spammers in the blogosphere. That definitely has to be annoying towards the folks who want real results. It makes me think about if anyone has spammed my blog because randomly someone will like all of my blogs, but I’m not really sure if they actually read them. Nice and well thought out post.

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