The End Of Teenhood And Beginning Of Adulthood

So tomorrow is my birthday (20th April). In the past years it seems as though my excitement for my birthdays are deteriorating and a sort of sadness seems to be present instead. I guess I just don’t like the fact that I’m growing up and it kind of scares me that I am going to be an independent adult soon. It feels weird knowing that I will no longer be a teenager anymore. Honestly it sounds weird but I didn’t ever expect I would become an adult. I mean I knew I would eventually stop being a teenager but I guess it just never consciously hit me how fast time passes and how I would become an adult in the blink of an eye.

I feel like this past year was the year that I learnt the most about the universe and about myself and I’m glad I figured a lot of stuff out before turning twenty because it will definitely help me in my journey.

So to sum it up I am absolutely terrified of becoming an adult but at the same time I have to admit I am looking forward a new chapter of my lifeΒ As a child I counted the days till I could grow up and live my own life. My sister actually likes to tell me that I was born an adult and I have just kept aging ever since. Honestly, I understand what she means because I always had the tendency of being mature for my age. I always made the most rational and logical decisions and I have always leaned towards everything rational and I do have a tendency of being emotionally closed off and distant. So maybe I will enjoy adulthood after all!

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