Technical Difficulties

So as you guys know I recently updated my site to the Premium Plan and I liked it so much I decided to upgrade further to the Business Plan and this is the point where everything went to hell.

I hated the Business Plan and it clearly did not work well for me in any way whatsoever and I was so uncomfortable using it so I decided to change back to Premium. I talked to someone from support and they assured me that I wouldn’t loose my posts and it wouldn’t mess with the posts I had published during the time I was on the Business Plan.

As you can guess that did not go as planned in any way whatsoever. I don’t know if maybe they didn’t back it up properly or that I just have horrible luck but all my posts that were published got duplicated and one post has all the likes and the other has all the comments.

Not only does this make it look like my site has no activity to anyone viewing recent posts it also meant something much worse.

I lost some of my likes and comments. I don’t care that much about the likes but I truly cherish your comments and I recently hit 11k and you guys had left the nicest comments on that post some of which disappeared. I seriously felt so horrible about this that I was in tears and the worst part is that the support team is taking forever to fix it. It’s been almost three days and nothing has changed and recently they told me it’s “going to take a while”. Like I get that it’s a complicated issue but it’s just stressing me out and giving me anxiety I wish they could deal with it faster.

Anyway thanks for your likes and comments and if you’re wondering what the hell is going on with my site and why the recent posts seem weird and appear twice this is why.

Also if I haven’t replied to your comment sorry but I can’t see some of the comments so please recomment/relike if possible.

I really hope they fix this soon but doesn’t seem like they will.

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UPDATE: They said they can’t fix the issue so yeah my blog is just going to have duplicate posts I guess because I don’t want to get rid of the comments or the likes.


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