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    What They Don’t Tell You About Anxiety And Depression

    By Rachel Feeling anxious, depressed, lost, stuck, empty (often inexplicably) are very common experiences. We often mask over them, and don’t realise that the people around us are feeling them too. When healed & whole, we naturally feel confident and purposeful. We know what we want to create in our lives, and easily give our energy to this creation. Fear, anger, and futility become virtually non-existent, as challenges are purposefully confronted without taking a toll. Everyone has the gifts of fulfillment, clear intuition, self-love, and ease of being. The challenge is to restore free and easy access to these states. The block? Emotional wounds. Most of us are unknowingly carriers…

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    Your Words

    Your words Taste like lava in my mouth Burning me From the inside They bring me back together Just so you can tear me down again They hurt so much I want to rip my skin out Words flow from your lips Like a thousand lashed of a whip Bruising my mind Hurting my sanity For more poetry click here For more on the image used click here. And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!