• MistryLand

    A Rainy Day- Poetry

    Under the dark greying mass I look out As the rain unleashes its temper Protected behind my window As if looking past another world   The beats gradually increase Performing a tribal dance as if memorized Or perhaps like pots and pans Falling with a clatter   Time stands still Or maybe it’s the traffic A pink finger appears And draws a smile On the fogged window I draw back a ‘hello’   A curtain of rain between us Protected behind our windows This poem was written on a journey through the rain in a car but it is also symbolic of strangers who connect through nature but still are…

  • Life

    Some Monday Inspiration

    Hi everyone! So as you probably know I am currently doing my A Levels which keeps me very busy so I couldn’t really write anything for todays post so instead I decided to post some inspirational quotes to brighten your day!    I really hope this makes your day more bearable! Always remember that you are a beautiful, unique individual who deserves the best in life! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to follow, share, like and comment!