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    There Is A Place (Guest Post)

    There is a place, Where the moon Isn’t afraid to say How much it loves the stars   There is a place, Made of glass So aesthetic yet so fragile,   A promise which was meant to last forever Didn’t matter anymore And suddenly And these pieces start to scream in dark They scream for someone to hear them To fix them back For more poetry click here. For more guest posts click here. And if you want to email me your guest post ideas send it to: insomniacwithanaccent@gmail.com And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!

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    Life- A Poem

    I feel empty and cold Like an unwritten book I just want someone to hold Someone to watch As I pour out my agony Can’t anybody see How I feel inside Can’t anybody be The person to whom I confide Will anyone hold me If ever we collide Too much work Too much to revise Not enough time to be the best And to be happy You must choose now But choose wisely For you will quickly regret that road That you were once running on That you now cry by alone What was once running Will quickly turn to jogging And what was once walking Will quickly turn to…

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    How To Irritate People

    For some unknown reason I find it weirdly satisfying to make people feel extremely uncomfortable in my presence. At first I did it unintentionally but watching people squirm was just way too much fun. Here are a few ways I found will instantly make people cringe: Pretend you don’t understand what they’re saying– when someone that you don’t particularly want to talk to or you just want to see squirm asks you something or even talks to you just keep going “huh?”, “sorry?”, “what?” Keep asking until the person goes considerably red in the face. The classic “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English” or “Sorry I don’t understand English” also…