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Owl Legs

So I didn’t really have time to come up with a proper post today since I’ve been busy with school and stuff but here’s a picture of what owl’s legs actually look like when they’re not covered by feathers. I saw this a while back and thought it was so random and adorable and funny…

Anxiety And Some Changes To Lifesfinewhine

Due to multiple comments about my awards posts and how they were apparently offensive this blog is now awards free. What was once one of the most fun posts to do have now become a constant trigger for my anxiety. This comment was the first thing I read when I woke up on Sunday and…

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13k WordPress Followers!

Omg you guys we’re officially at 13k! This is seriously such a great way to start 2020! I am so thankful for all the support everyone has shown my blog and just know that I truly appreciate every like, follow, share and comment I’ve received. I really also appreciate how much positive energy you guys…

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12K WordPress Followers

OMG thank you so much you guys seriously I feel like I just hit 11K and now I’m at 12k! You guys are so amazing and I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and like, share, follow and comment because it means the world to me.…

Reader Profiles – Pooja

Originally posted on robertcday:
Pooja’s a complicated kitty, and complicated kittens are kind of difficult to write about so I’m not even going to bother because actually, she does a better job all by herself on her About Page on her WordPress Blog (don’t click on the About Me page on her Gravatar (see link below) because…

Authy Winner No.1: Pooja G.

Originally posted on 20 Author:
Pooja G. Is best known for A site with poetry, blogging advice, OP-Eds, and plain good reads. That’s why I’m making her the official first winner of The Authy. Winner: Pooja G. Date: Sept. 10th, 2019 Category: Other To Read More Info About The Authy Click Here.

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10k WordPress Followers!

Wow I honestly don’t even know what to say you guys! I can not believe I finally reached 10k! As you guys know it has been one of my goals to have lifesfinewhine reach 10k followers this year and I can not believe I’ve already reached it! I just wanted to say thank you so…

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9000 WordPress Followers!

Lifesfinewhine just reached 9000 WordPress followers which is so amazing and so exciting! Thank you all so much for supporting my tiny piece of the Internet and I am so happy that so many of you take the the time to read, like, share and comment on my posts! Writing has always been a way…

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7000+ WordPress Followers!

OMG you guys this is insane! I feel like it was just yesterday I was celebrating six thousand and now seven thousand!! I want to thank everyone that follows me for supporting this blog you guys are awesome and keep me enthusiastic about blogging. And I have been receiving so many comments lately it’s amazing…