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Quotes About Change 2

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3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 2!

I want to give a big shoutout to both mike7sedona and Rekha for nominating me for this amazing challenge! Mike’s and Rekha’s blogs are incredibly uplifting and inspiring. If you like inspirational blogs and poetry please give these blogs a visit! Rules to be followed: 3 quotes each day 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!)…

George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard Shaw was an amazing man and so I decided to share some of his inspirational quotes with you today! If you want to read more inspirational posts click here. And don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Bernard ShawchangedreamsemotionsGeorge Bernard ShawGeorge Bernard Shaw Quoteshappinesshatehopeinspirationinspirationalinspirational quotesInspireinspiringlifelovepainpeaceQuotequotessadnesssmile

Inspirational Quotes

As you probably know I am almost done with high school now and am going to be going to university soon which is really exciting so I decided to share some quotes about change with all of you:                          I hope this brightens your day like it did mine! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget…

The Quote Challenge

So this is the last day for the Quote Challenge I was nominated for by theorangutanlibrarian! So the rules are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers each day Here’s one of the best quotes that I love: My nominees for today are: fitness9555 jyoteeblog…