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    Random Drama Post

    As you guys know content by myself and W.Wang was stolen some time ago and I made a post about it. Someone decided that this was the perfect opportunity to wrongfully blame me for apparently stealing my About Me page from my friends blog who had started blogging before me. Yes I did use her layout as I was totally new to blogging but we were in conversation the entire time and she was totally fine with it which I attempted to explain to this person but some people just don’t seem to see reason. The person then began threatening and blackmailing me and said that if I didn’t post…

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    I Have A Question!

    So I have a question for you guys- Comments- I have noticed that some blogs I follow don’t have a comments section. I totally understand why they would shut them off because some trolls are really annoying and leave nasty comments. Personally I have pretty thick skin so I would be able to probably ignore them but I could totally understand why something like that would force someone to shut off their comments section. My question is would you ever consider shutting off your comments section? If so why? And if you have already shut off your comments section what made you decide to do so? Also I got new…

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    2500+ Followers!

    Wow thank you all so much for all the follows! I really appreciate it! All of your follow, likes, shares and comments really make my day and I hope you guys continue leaving them! I know with me going to university I may not be as active as I would like to be but trust me I will still continue writing and supporting all the blogs I follow! And thank you for all the awards and tags you guys have been nominating me for! They’ve been super fun to do! Again thank you all so much!! Ps I’m so sorry for not being online today but unfortunately my WiFi isn’t…