Share Your Childhood Dreams

As a child I'm sure that you had that one big dream? A dream that you always wanted to make real? Possibly this dream was to be a doctor, perhaps a King, or Queen of an intergalactic galaxy. Well, whatever the dream is--No matter how Real, or Fictitious. You can also submit any nightmares you [...]

Forever, Together Alone Tag!

Forever, Together Alone Tag!

I want to thank inkgirlandwords for nominating me for this awesome tag!! She is so super smart and down to earth I can't believe she's still a teenager! She is definitely one of my favorite most awesome bloggers so please do check out her blog I guarantee it's worth your follow! ♡The Rules:♡ Thank the [...]

The Smile

An old man lies on the ground coughing All the empty souls walk by Ignoring his existence They’re too busy repeating the same task Every single day Like clockwork Looking without seeing Listening without hearing Dead to everything around them They can’t see how empty they are Their eyes cloaked by years of experience They [...]