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So the building I’m renting in has decided we have to fumigate everything which means I will have to basically move all my stuff then clean everything then move in everything again. It’s so inconvenient and I’m not sure how we’ll even do that! I just unpacked all my stuff and now I have to…


So I’m back in Canada now and I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed Just wanted to let you guys know I’m back in Canada! BackBack To CanadaCanadaCanadianGIFGIF’sHolidays Are OverI’m BackKenyaLeaving KenyalifeNairobiSafe TravelstravelTravelling

Guess Who’s Back??

Guess who’s back home and blogging regularly again?? Yup a bunch of bloggers but also me! Before you guys hate me for now posting lately I was super busy with exams and then packing and flying home and then I was kind of jetlagged but I’m back now!!Β  So yayyyy! Can’t wait to catch up…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians! Hope you all have lots of fun and get to spend time with your families! CanadaCanadianCanadian HistoryCanadian HolidayCanadian HolidaysCanadian ThanksgivingHappy ThanksgivingThanksgivingThanksgiving gifThanksgiving GIF’sThnaksgiving GIF

My Week In Review

Sunday: Turns out I couldn’t find my passport and after freaking out a little I realised I had forgotten it in the Bank. So unfortunately the bank wasn’t open till Tuesday because of Labour Day on Monday so I was kind of screwed. Monday: I had went to the orientation for international students at Brock.…

My Canadian Experience

A lot has changed in the past few days. I’m in a foreign country where I know absolutely no one, have no idea where anything is located and I haven’t found an apartment to stay in yet however I have no anxiety at all what so ever. Since I have landed in Canada my anxiety…


So I’m finally in Canada and I just wanted to let you guys know that we reached safely! It was a very long flight and I was a bit exhausted but I’m okay now! I’ll post more details of the trip when I can! CanadaCanadianMoving To Canada

Another Update!

So I’m going to be leaving for Canada soon!! And I just wanted to let you know I won’t be blogging as regularly if at all because I’ll be pretty busy for the first few weeks but after that I’ll be blogging regularly like I usually do!! I just need to get everything set up…

My Visa Update

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve got my Visa (yayyyy!!) so I’ll probably be travelling soon! I really can’t wait for this new adventure to begin! AdventuresCanadaCanadianCanadian VisaGoing To CanadalifeMoving To CanadaNew AdventureNew AdventuresStudyingStudying In CanadaVisaVisa For CanadaVisas

Happy Canada Day!

As most of you probably know I’m going to be moving to Canada pretty soon for university so I thought I should wish all the awesome Canadians reading this a very Happy Canada Day!! Brock UniversityCanadaCanada DayCanadianCanadian HolidaysCanadian IndependenceCanadian UniversitiesCanadian UniversityCanadiansHappy Canada DayHolidaysIndependenceMoving To CanadaUniversitiesuniversity