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    How Moving Abroad Changed My Life

    Moving Abroad A few years ago I moved from Kenya to Canada to study abroad and get my undergraduate degree. As you can imagine this was a huge change in my life and a lot changed after I moved. I have been in Canada for about three years now and a lot has changed in my life in those three years.  A while ago I asked you guys what you wanted to see on lifesfinewhine and one of the suggestions was a post about how my life has changed after moving abroad. I thought this would be super interesting to share with you guys because as I mentioned so much…

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    Similarities Between Two Universities

    University, Student Life and Similarities A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a fellow university student blogger called Camille. She studies in a university in France and we began talking on a post I published about the courses I had taken last semester and she had actually taken some similar ones. We started to chat further and realised that it would be really fun and interesting to compare the similarities and differences between the two universities since they are in different countries. We expected our experiences to be quite different but we ended up having quite a few similarities as well. I decided to post the…

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    Your Assumptions Answered!

    I want to start this post by thanking everyone who participated and left an assumption! This was such a fun post to do and I always enjoy interacting with you guys! All of the comments have been linked back to the blog of the person who left the comment so if you want to check out any of the blogs that left an assumption just click the image or their name and it will redirect you to their site. Rita: Yes I am! I just turned 23 a few weeks ago! Gina: Yes I 100% do! If you ever do an assume post let me know I would love to…

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    5 Things I Miss While Studying Abroad

    Studying Abroad Studying abroad has been an incredible journey and experience for me. It has allowed me to grow as a person by forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and really experience a lot of new things. However, there are some things that I miss back home and I thought I would share them with you guys. The Food You guys know I’m a foodie and I love trying new foods and finding new places to eat. However, at the end of the day I kind of really crave the food I had back home sometimes. As great as trying new food is sometimes you miss the…

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    Real Neat Blog Award #6

    Thank you! I want to thank Eromonsele Emmanual for nominating me for this award! He is a Nigerian blogger and has an amazing blog about his travels and experiences. I absolutely love his blog and I think you will too so be sure to check it out by clicking here.  THE RULES ARE Display the blog award logo on your blog. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you. Do not forget to link to their blogging website. Answer all the questions they have given you. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice. Ask them 7 questions. MY QUESTIONS 1. What inspired you to become a blogger? I needed an outlet…

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    5 Things I Learnt While Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad has been a very interesting experience and these are some of the things that I’ve picked up over the way: Change is good- as someone with anxiety I am not a fan of change in any way whatsoever. Weirdly enough though I love the idea of change but moving to Canada taught me that change in real life is good too and sometimes taking a chance can be the best decision of your life. You need to find your own happiness- moving to a new place isn’t going to make you happy or satisfied. You need to find your own happiness. Everything is a challenge- living abroad is…

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    A Quick Life Update

    Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Just thought I would do a little life update about what’s going on with me at the moment. So my university has stopped all in-school classes till further notice so I’m having online classes and have to do write ups instead of seminar cofacilitations. It’s a bit frustrating as it’s a lot of work but I don’t mind. I’m also avoiding crowded areas and I’m trying not to go out unless I need to. I’m also just trying to stay positive by meditating and things. I’m also seeing that a lot of people are really panicking about the situation…

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    The Coldest Night Walk

    So I was talking to someone today and she reminded me that the Coldest Night Walk is today and I just wanted to remind everyone that if they’re in the Niagara area they should check it out it’s a really good cause. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested in learning more about it https://cnoy.org/location/westniagara  

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    Sunshine Blogger Award! #4

    Thank you so much to Erin over at KittyJadeblog for the nomination! I usually don’t do awards but the questions on these seemed super fun I felt like I should give it a go! Also feel free to check out our collaboration posts by clicking here.¬† Rules 1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. 2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you. 3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions. 4. Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts. 5. List the rules and display…

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    The Hogtown Vegan- Experience And Review

    To check out more posts from my trip to Toronto click¬†here. So this was the last place we went to and it was definitely our favourite. As you can probably tell by the name it’s vegan and offers a bunch of amazing foods most of which are vegan alternatives for meat based foods. The place itself is really cozy and has a really cool vibe. We ordered the buffalo wings and the Philly cheesesteak with a side of fries and as you can probably see below their portions were huge. We had to take most of the Philly cheesesteak with us because we couldn’t finish but it was so worth…