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Why Blogs Are Important In 2019 | By Caden738

Over the years you hear less, and less about blogs. In fact when was the last time you heard about a blogger release breaking news of a major scandal? The days of The Drudge Report are coming to an end. The only good thing about stuff like this is that Gossip Bloggers like Perez Hilton…

Blogging On Facebook, Yes, or No? | By Caden738

Could Blogging On Facebook be the next big thing for bloggers? In the years coming will Facebook Overtake WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy and be the worlds largest Blogosphere? If your interested in Blogging on Facebook let’s discuss the Pro’s, and Con’s first… To Continue Reading Click Here blogblog adviceblog tipsBloggerBloggersBloggingblogging adviceblogging on FacebookBlogging TipsBlogscaden738FacebookSocial Media

Lichen Poem: Grow |By Caden738

Grow By Caden738 It takes time for things to grow Whether a Plant, or skills of the Bow It takes time for a sprout to sprout another sprout anew And time before a bow can be shot to strike a single morning’s drop of dew Many bad weather, and arrow will be in your way…