Stolen Content And Plagiarism Alert

UPDATE: The interview was taken down thanks everyone for your support!
I’m sure you guys remember that a while back I did an interview for W. Wang’s blog which was an amazing experience. Unfortunately yesterday I found out someone had plagiarized this interview to make it look like the interview was done by them. No credit was given to W. Wang and his name was actually replaced by the name of the plagiarizer.

Original Post


Plagiarized Post

Of course I instantly reached out to W. Wang and let him know because this was his content as well as his hard work being plagiarized. We both reported the blog and I left a comment letting them know that this post is plagiarized and that they need to take it down or use the original post giving full credit to W. Wang. However they have not responded.
So I am sharing this information with you for three reasons. First- I just want to let people know that plagiarism is clearly wrong so don’t do it. Secondly, if you really enjoyed someones content and want to share it there are legal ways to do so without stealing their content such as reblogging or sharing using the share button at the bottom of the post. Lastly, I wanted to ask you guys to report the plagiarized post so that the post gets taken down by WordPress.
If you aren’t sure how to report the post here are the instructions:
1.Click here to go to the blog.
2. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the post.
How To Report
3. Click the “report post” option.
How To Report 2
4. Once you click that you will be redirected to a different page. On that page report the post as spam. I would say report it as copyright infringement but that’s a whole thing (thanks WordPress!) so just report it as spam.
How To Report 3
How To Report 4
Thank you so much for reporting the post- the more it’s reported the faster it gets taken down! W. Wang and I really appreciate your support.
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Edit: Robin left a really good idea in the comments and said I should leave the text/reason required for reporting the post so I decided to do just that
The post is stolen content and plagiarized to make it look like their own.
Stolen post:
Original Post:


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