Smell Through The ….. (Guest Post)

Recently I’ve had my eyes opened massively . To find out that someone you loved more than anything cheated all the way through your relationship. That also includes sleeping with people. I’ve seen the proof.

I tell you what though it hurts knowing on a night (like so many I did this) I picked her up from town when she was drunk. Moments before shes kissing someone else.

Its all coming out and the proof is undeniable.

And I’m looking through all these messages where she would threaten to kill herself because I couldn’t come over. The amount of times I would have to contact her friends as I was worried about it. The amount of times this was threatened is unbelievable.

All I ever wanted to do was help.

I never see this person now it was years ago I just hope they are in a better place & good luck to the next guy…or the next few.

About The Author

My blogs are something quite personal to me. I write about my day to day dealing with mental health & most recently the break down of my relationship.
I feel that without blogging I would have nowhere to vent my emotions and encourage other people to give it a shot.

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