Reasons Your Blog Stopped Growing

If you’re blog has stopped growing it could be for a number of reasons- most of which are likely easily solvable. The reasons and solutions below can help your blog begin growing again:
You’re leaving spam comments- This is one of the easiest ways to stop people from following your blog. If you aren’t sure what a spam comment is it’s leaving your link on random blogs comments section, leaving a vague comment with your link on random blogs or trying to force/guilt/bully other bloggers to check out your blog. It’s one of those things that are really a pet peeve for bloggers and I usually delete these kinds of comments or ignore them as do most bloggers. A lot of people also block these blogs and leaving these sort of comments can get your blog unfollowed/blocked pretty fast. If you’re not sure about the do’s and don’t’s of commenting click here.
Your posts are spamming your readers- If you are constantly posting especially if you are posting one post after the other in a span of a few minutes it can be a very frustrating for your followers. A lot of people will end up not following your blog or unfollow your blog due to this. If you want to reduce this effect make sure not to post every few minutes. Instead try to post every hour at the most.
Your posts aren’t scheduled- A lot of people may want to read your posts but aren’t sure when they’ll be up if you post randomly. A lot of people may not follow you if they aren’t sure if you’re still posting or if they assume you post randomly. Posting regularly and scheduling your posts to go up at the same time every week/day can really boost your following. If you aren’t sure how to find the optimum time to schedule your post click here.
You aren’t active in responding to your readers- I think socializing with other bloggers is the backbone of WordPress and ignoring your comments/not responding is a pretty easy way to lose readers and potential followers. People want to follow a blog they can be part of with a blogger they can talk to and being active on the comments section is another great way to increase your following.
You aren’t marketing yourself properly- A lot of growing your blog is about marketing yourself and your blog. It may feel weird at first but you need to kind of be your biggest fan and market yourself whenever possible- without spamming others of course. If you aren’t sure how to market your blog then click here for tips on how to do so.
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