Potato Pizza Recipe

Potato Pizza

This is another recipe from my mum! So, like the rest of us she’s been trying a lot of new, fun stuff and she was telling me about this potato pizza they made and I thought wow that sounds so good. I asked her to send me the recipe because I thought it would be something you guys may enjoy as well and I know from the comments that some of you are gluten free or just looking for new recipes so I think this would work as a good alternative to using a flour based pizza base. This recipe also pretty easy to make which I love and I feel like it uses ingredients that most of us either already have or can get pretty easily. I also want to specify that the cheese they used was not vegan since my parents are vegetarian not vegan but you can easily substitute it with your favourite type or brand of vegan cheese- that’s what I usually do when I come across recipes that contain dairy cheese.


2 medium sized potatoes
1 green capsicum/bell pepper
1/4 yellow capsicum/bell pepper
1/4 red capsicum/bell pepper
4-5 florets of broccoli
1 onion
2/3 tbs of corn flour/all purpose flour
Black pepper
Marinara sauce
Tip: You can use whatever toppings you like these are just the ones they used.


1.Grate the potatoes and add the 2/3 tbs of flour- you can use corn or all purpose flour, salt and black pepper powder to taste.
2. Mix everything and put it on a pan to heat (medium-high) with a little oil underneath in a round shape as seen in the image below.

3. Once the bottom of the potato base is golden brown turn it switch off your stove.

4. Chop the vegetables either in cubes or julienne depending on how you prefer them and add some salt and black pepper according to your taste.

5. Flip the base around so that the cooked part of the base is on top and the uncooked is at the bottom.
6. Apply the marinara sauce on the top of the potato base, add the vegetables on top and cheese (you can use your favourite vegan cheese or regular cheese if you’re not vegan)
7. Switch on your stove again on low-medium and let it cook for a few minutes till the cheese is melted. (Tip: keep checking the bottom of the base to make sure it doesn’t get burnt while the veggies and cheese are cooking.)
8. Once everything is well cooked you can take it off the stove and enjoy it! (Tip: If you like the veggies and cheese really well cooked you can put it on broil in the oven for a few minutes to cook it even more.)


Are you gluten free? Have you ever had a potato pizza? Do you think this is something you’ll try making? Let me know in the comments below!

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