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I had such an amazing time at university this semester but I was quite sad that we could not properly finish any of the courses the way we should have due to everything that happened in March/April which forced the university to stop in class lessons. However, I definitely understand that the decision the university made to shut down all in class stuff was for the best. Even though we could not properly finish the courses properly at university this semester I decided to still do a review for my courses since they have all been so great. I feel like I have really enjoyed almost all the courses I’ve taken at university so far but this year may be the best ones so far. Last semester I was able to take some really unique courses like a course on country music, archaeology and more. For more on that click here. And this semester I was again able to take some unique and interesting courses at university. I’m super thankful that my university offers such unique and interesting courses because I know not all universities do this and a lot of universities do tend to have a much more rigid syllabus. However, our university is pretty liberal about what courses it offers and what courses you can take and I am truly lucky to be able to take such interesting and fun ones. I always like to take courses about topics I don’t know a lot about or that I have not studied earlier because I think that helps me broaden my knowledge and teaches me new things which in my opinion is what university should be all about. Oh and all the courses I took this semester were history courses because my university only allows you to take two electives every year and I used up my electives last semester. Anyway here is my review of the courses I took this semester:

The Sixties- This was my favourite course that I have taken at university so far! It was such a phenomenal course and I learnt so much from it. The professor was really good- she was super nice and understanding and definitely knew what she was talking about- and the content was something I was already interested in so I found it absolutely fascinating. I have always been interested in the counterculture, 60’s music and the New Left so it was really interesting to learn more about it especially through primary sources I had never read before. One of my favourite sources was the letter by Janis Joplin sent to her mother where she is fangirling over George Harrison from The Beatles because honestly I get it- he was gorgeous! It was also really interesting to see how it wasn’t just mindless rebellious behaviour, it was so much more than that and it was also the foundation to the 70’s and the groups that emerged in the 70’s. I am definitely really happy my university offers a class on the Sixties because it is so specific and so interesting.

Middle Eastern Culture- I really enjoyed this course too! I had never taken a course about the Middle East before and to be honest I did not know too much about their culture and history so this was really fascinating and eyeopening. The only thing is that because of the whole Corona situation we couldn’t finish the course the way we were supposed to and I was really sad because there were some really interesting topics I ended up not being able to learn about properly. One thing that I really appreciated about this course apart from the stuff I mentioned earlier was that it was taught by someone who was Middle Eastern and therefore had experienced a lot of what she was teaching first hand. And she also tried to mainly use primary sources that were unbiased and more descriptive rather than opinion based which was really great. We were able to see the Middle East more realistically and draw our own conclusions based on the information she provided. We also spent approximately half of each class watching a video about the topic we were discussing which was very helpful as no one in the class had been to the Middle East and the videos allowed us to experience their culture more accurately.
The American Revolution- I have taken like every single course this professor has taught and as you guys know I really enjoy learning American history because I have never learnt American history before university. I really loved learning about the Revolution in detail even though I had learn about it in previous American History courses. I thought it was particularly interesting because my professor taught us a lot about not just the more famous figures but also regular people. I think we tend to forget to underestimate the role of “ordinary” people in battles and revolutions and it was fascinating to see their point of view for a change.
Women In China- This was another one of my favourite courses! I haven’t learnt much Chinese history before but I did take one other class with the same professor and really loved it so I decided to take this one. I’m also very interested in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies so since this was like a cross between those I thought it would be perfect. I particularly enjoyed this course because of how the professor taught it. I’ve said this before but this professor focuses on making sure we learn and understand the content instead of focusing on research paper or assignments and I truly appreciate that. Plus, his content is always fascinating and so well researched.
Hope you guys enjoyed that little review! I know I couldn’t review them fully due to our university not having in-class stuff anymore but I tried my best to review the course as much as I could depending on how much I had learnt before the quarantine. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite courses were at university/college or if you would take any of the courses I took!
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