How To Write The Perfect First Post

Once you’re done with your perfect About Me introductory page it’s on to the next one- your first blog post. It’s always a good idea to make it extra special so that your readers know what to expect from your blog. Here are some tips to take your first blog post from good to great:

Title- The title is probably the most important part of your post even though it’s such a small part of it. Not just for your first post but for all your posts you should really think about the title and try to use words that are likely to make the reader click on the post. Let’s be honest, no one will read a post with a boring title. Try to use something catchy or if you’re going for a more professional vibe posts with lists, how-to’s, or Do’s and Don’ts.

Topic- The topic you choose to write about for your first post is also important because it will let the reader know what to expect from your blog. If your blog is only going to have one niche/topic than I would strongly recommend writing your first post about that topic. If your blog has multiple niches than maybe you can write a little about each topic and tell the reader why you decided to write about these topics. Or pick your favourite and start out writing about that topic.

Introduction- The first paragraph is one of those paragraphs that will make or break your blog. If your first paragraph maintains the readers interest they are much more likely to continue with the post and return to your blog for more so make sure it’s precise, sums up the gist of the post and at the same time leaves the reader wanting more.

Be Honest- I know it’s tempting to be a people-pleaser especially in your first post but remember this is your blog and you deserve to share your honest opinion about whatever topic you are writing about. Your readers will actually end up appreciating your honesty and you’ll end up meeting people with similar opinions.

Conclusion- So this is another extremely important part of your blog. In fact, it’s probably the most important because after reading this the reader will decide whether to give it a like, leave a comment or follow your blog for more. If you can come up with a strong conclusion you will definitely increase your views, comments and followers. Make sure to sum up your post, make your stance on the topic clear and leave links to your social media pages/About Me post so that you can refer them back to your other work/pages.

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