How To Schedule Your Posts #2

I have been meaning to do this post for quite a while now because I had a couple of requests on my comments section asking me for it. So sorry it took forever and here it is- hope it helps.

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Scheduling your posts so that your posts go up at the optimum time for your blog is a great way to increase views and follows. Here are some ways to find the perfect time to schedule your post:

Check when your optimum reach time is- This is the easiest way to check what day and time you get the best views. In your insights section it will tell you what your most popular day and time is. Try to post at this time regularly and you will notice an increase in views.

Notice when you get more comments- Try posting at different times for a couple of days and check when you get the most comments. Comments are important because they show activity and seeing when you get the most comments will help you figure out when your audience is most active and therefore you can schedule your post to go up at this time to increase activity on your blog.

Early bird or night owl– Most people don’t usually use WordPress throughout the day and like most social media people tend to check it in the morning before nine and in the evenings after six. Scheduling your post to go up at these times will help increase your views and follows since more people are likely

Don’t keep changing the times- Once you are able to figure out your optimum time don’t keep changing the times when you post. Schedule your posts to go up at that time every time you post so that your audience knows when to visit your blog. It is very easy to lose views/follows when you keep posting at different times.

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