How To Get More Likes On Your Posts

Be Active- If you want people to leave you likes on your blog then you need to be active enough on their blog that they’ll notice you and go back to your blog to repay the favour. As I always say WordPress is a two way street and you cannot expect people to like your posts if you don’t do the same. For the full post on how to be active on other peoples blog click here. 

Optimum timings- You may not be getting the amount of likes you deserve by posting/publishing at the wrong timings. By publishing at the optimum time you will not only get more likes but more follows and activity in general. For the full post on how to figure out your optimum time click here. 

Creativity Is Important- Make sure your post is creative and fun to read- preferably with a catchy title so that the reader will want to leave a like. No one wants to leave a like on a badly edited post or a post they don’t find interesting. For the full post on how to find the perfect title for your posts click here.

Have Fun– At the end of the day don’t get too obsessed with stats or how many likes you get. I genuinely think that of you write from the heart and enjoy what you’re doing your audience will see and appreciate that and you’ll get more likes anyway. Don’t over think it- just have fun and do your thing!

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