How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

When it comes to blogging you’ll hear a lot about follows and traffic especially if you’re trying to start blogging professionally or become an influencer. However, the comments section is an underrated yet very important part of blogging especially if you’re trying to blog professionally because a lot of clients will check out your comments section and see what readers have to say about your blog and how active your blog is. If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer a lot of sponsors will look at your comments section to see whether your following consists of real, organic followers. I recently wrote a post about the benefits of having an active comments section that you can check out here. Here are some ways to increase comments on your posts:

  1. Always reply- If you want to encourage people to comment more often on your posts make sure to reply. If you reply to the comments and even engage in conversation with them your readers will feel heard and appreciated which will keep them coming back to your blog.
  2. It’s a two way street- Like blogging, the comments section is a two way street. If you don’t take the time to read other peoples blog posts and leave comments they’re not going to either. If you want to increase your comments make sure you’re active and commenting on other people’s blog too.
  3. Tags- Using the right tags on your posts will help increase your follows and traffic which will automatically increase the amount of comments you receive.  By using the right tags I mean don’t over use tags- anything more than ten- because WordPress will assume you’re a spammer and hide your posts from the tags section and don’t use too few- anything less than five- because then you won’t reach your optimum number of views.
  4. Be polite/respectful- I think being polite and rational is always the way to go when it comes to commenting. Don’t freak out, don’t be rude for no reason and try to reply politely. This will show your reader that you take their opinion seriously and are ready to communicate which will encourage them to continue commenting.

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