How To Create The Perfect Title

Titles can make a huge difference in your views and following. If you have a catchy and interesting title your views and consequently your following can really increase. Here are some tips to improve your title:

Find out what’s popular– it’s always a good idea to do a little research and find out what types of articles get the most clicks. From what I’ve noticed lists, How-To’s and Do’s and Don’ts are quite popular and tend to more views.

Don’t lie- when it comes to titles it’s pretty easy to get carried away and write a fake clickbait title. Even though this might get you views at first it won’t really help if you’re thinking of increasing your following in the long run. People will fall for the title once or twice but will soon realise it’s just clickbait and stop clicking on your articles.

Keep it short- no one really wants to read half the article in the title. Long titles tend to bore readers and this will take a toll on your views. Make sure you keep your titles short and accurate for better views.

Keep it interesting- even though clickbaits are a bad idea and unethical make sure your title is honest but interesting enough that your readers will want to read further. Maybe puns, a sarcastic comment or a couple of exclamation marks!

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