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How To Blog More Often |By Caden738

The way to blog more often is simply to love doing it, and have a reason to do it. But how do you increase your love? And how do you increase your reasons? Because they are the Keys to blogging more often that we’re discussing in this article. We’re also going to talk about the BENEFITS of blogging more often. Enjoy.

How To Love Blogging

When I started blogging 2 things made me fall in love with it: Dreams, & Expressions.

The dream that I could become an influential writer. The dream that I could get more respect, and make my name one associated with smarts. And the dream that I could be Unique, and Successful. That I could make money with my blog, and I could live that dream.

The fact that I could express myself to the internet without borders. I could speak my mind, and my truth in my own area, where I could attract like minded others. It’s like therapy. However do pace yourself, and know that a sour person with a blog filled with Racial Slurs, and horrible comments will never succeed, and the people you attract will either be A. Horrible people, or B. People like that group Anonymous who will attack your site (And You), destroy it (And You), and ruin you life. And I’m on the side of Anonymous on that matter.

What’s your dream? How do you want to Express yourself? Do it. Love it. And someday you could even make a living off of it.

How To Increase Your Reasons

Well one reason to blog is to, yes, love doing it. Another could be to have a constant revenue stream that keeps you doing it.

Your reasons don’t have to be so close-minded however.

Do you want to:

  • Start a movement
  • Help people
  • Be famous


Just find one, and go with it. A reason will help push you that thousand miles.

The Benefits Of Frequent Posting

The main benefit is SEO. SEO is Site Engine Optimization. SEO is how Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, FireFox, or any smaller Search Engine Finds You. Posting more frequently increases your SEO, which then increases your views, which increases your profits. In short: Post more frequently for better SEO, Views, & Profits. Easy.

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