How To Be Active On WordPress

If you read yesterdays post you know the importance of being active on WordPress and as promised here are four simple ways to do it:

Comment- This is the best way to get activity on your blog in my opinion. Leaving comments- positive ones of course- makes a huge difference because not only does it show that you took the time to read someones post but that you enjoyed it enough to leave a comment. I’ve noticed that the more comments I leave on posts I enjoy the more activity I have on my blog. However, don’t spam people because that will just annoy people and probably do more damage then good. Click here for more detailed Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to blogging.

Share- This is such a simple way to be active but yet very effective. Sharing posts you enjoy reading will likely bring the author of the post over to your blog as well as some of their followers because of the pingback/reblog comment.

Like- even though you may nit always have time to comment on every single post you enjoy reading if you did enjoy it remember to leave a like on it. This way the author will know you enjoyed it and a lot of times when you leave a like they come back to your blog and support your posts too.

Follow- If you really enjoy reading someones blog you should definitely consider following their blog. A lot of people have a follow for follow policy and it will help increase followers/views on your blog.

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