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How To Achieve Your Blogging Goals (Guest Post)

By Caden738

No one gets nowhere without Goals. The common basketball players goal is to go Pro, and be in the NBA, or WNBA. Many of them Achieved this goal, and are now worth hundreds of millions.
It’s very much the same for blogging.

However a smart blogger takes it slower. Don’t start out looking for 10,000 views a day, and
100,000 subscribers. You will be disappointed. So First let’s discuss the fact that you need to…

Make Your Goals Achievable

Instead of starting out trying to go for the gold (Or in a blogger’s case, a Webby) try to get
something that you know you can achieve. Such as 10 Views a day. Then once you hit that go
for 15 views a day, and keep on adding 50% (and rounding to the nearest one. Example: instead
of 22.5 go for 23 a day)

This way you won’t get discouraged when you don’t hit that 10,000 a day in a week.

Please know I’m not saying 10,000 a day isn’t Achievable. It’s just simply not achievable right
away, you need to pass through these goals to reach that one bug goal first.

Now Let’s Discuss How To Do It.

The Factors For Achieving Your Goals

 Heart, Passion & Soul
 Persistence, and
 Effort

Now Let’s Go Through These…

Heart, Passion & Soul

A key factor to achieving your Goals is enjoying them, loving them, and wanting to achieve
them. If you don’t love your blog it won’t succeed.


When reality hits you, and your first post only gets 2 views—if it gets any views at all—are you
gonna whine, and give up? If so, don’t bother. You need to be persistent. I made 10 posts on my
blog before I got my 10th view. It was hard, but I kept going.
You Need To Keep Going!


This goes Hand-in-hand with Persistence, and passion. But its slightly different. Persistence is
continuing to post when your not getting much out of it. Passion is caring about what you write,
and do. Effort is putting sweat, and tears into your blog. Effort is spending 2 hours on support
for your blog. Effort is positing 3 times a day, and walking around putting up fliers around town
on a hot day for your blog when you know you may only get an additional 10 views that day
because of it.

Effort is Essential.

If You Follow These 4 Guidelines I Have No Doubt You Will Achieve All Of Your Blogging Goals.

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