Goals For 2020

So I set some goals for 2020 and thought I would share them with you guys as a way to motivate myself to stick with them. Let me know what your goals this year are in the comments I would love to hear from you!
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Be more open to life- I did this one last year too I think I got really great results. I met new people, traveled to new places and had some amazing experiences and I want to continue with that this year too!
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Make better use of my time– Okay, so I may have procrastinated a little a lot last year and I really want to procrastinate less this year and just manage my time better in general too. This one is a little more difficult but something that needs to be done.
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Be proactive– Again, I was not always proactive last year and I want to work on that and be more proactive with not just my university work but also everything in my life too.
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Blog more- I did try to blog as regularly as possible last year and it ended up really paying off because I more than doubled my views and gained a lot of followers which is amazing!
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Be more positive– I did try really hard to stay positive last year but there were times that I really slipped up so this year I want to try even harder. I know I can’t be positive all the time I don’t think anyone can but I do want a more positive energy and outlook in general this year because I can totally be a pessimist and it’s exhausting.
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