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Foodie Destinations That Will Make Your Taste Buds Sizzle

If you’re somebody who loves great food and drink, then you know that you always have the best experiences abroad. Yes – you can go to a Chinese restaurant in New York and order chow mein, but there’s nothing quite like visiting Sichuan province itself and sampling the local food. It’s just not the same. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the foodie destinations around the world that will make your tastebuds sizzle. We cover destinations for both food and drink. 

Bologna, Italy

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People from the US, Canada and northern Europe began visiting Bologna en masse in the 1950s to sample the food. At the time, the region was famous for cooking in a different way from the rest of Italy. People in the location used cheese, fats and meats to a much greater extent than other parts of the country. 

Bologna maintains its culinary heritage today. You can go there for Sangiovese red wines, Lambrusco wines and original balsamic vinegar. 

Niagara, USA

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Niagara is home to many popular wineries, making it a great location for wine connoisseurs state-side. Some of the wineries are located close to the falls, supplying many restaurants in the local area. 

The first commercial winery in the Niagara area dates back to 1866. After prohibition, the numbers declined. And by the 1970s, there were just six commercial wineries operating in the region. However, there are now more than 100. 

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the oldest cities in Japan – and has one of the richest food cultures. The settlement is famous for Dotonburi – a single street with some of the most incredible eating destinations in the whole of the country. 

There are many types of food on offer here. You can find sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, gyoza and soba. If you visit the area, you should eat your heart out. There is so much to try. 

Lima, Peru

Peruvian food is slowly becoming more popular internationally. However, most foodies have known about it for a while. Typically, restaurants serve a combination of chicharones and ceviche. You’ll also find plenty of rare grilled beef with pickles for sides. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans isn’t like the rest of the US. It has its own culinary style, driven by the soul food culture that makes the area famous. If you travel to the city, you’ll want to try the beef sandwiches and sophisticated cocktails available from bars. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Danish aren’t famous for their food, but they should be. If you’re in the capital, be sure to check out Noma, one of the fifty best restaurants in the world. 

Noma is difficult to get into. You’ll need to make a reservation in advance. You’ll also need a lot of cash to afford meals there. Expect to pay $100 per dish.

If you don’t fancy spending big money,then you can visit Copenhagen’s industrial district called Refshaleoen. Here you’ll find multiple food trucks serving practically every kind of food you can imagine, all to a surprisingly high standard.

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