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Female Country Musicians To Check Out

So as you guys probably remember I took that one course on country music and haven’t shut up about it since lol… Anyway I decided to share some amazing female artists with you guys because apparently female artists in country at the moment aren’t doing great and are being ignored by mainstream country so I thought I would do my part and share their amazing music with you guys!
The Dixie Chicks
The Dixie Chicks are one of, if not the most, iconic female country band of the 1990’s and 2000’s. They have always had a very unique sound even when they first started out and over the years that sound have moved away from the usual country sound to a more sound. This was probably a conscious choice because after the controversy that they faced they said that they no longer felt like they were part of mainstream country and so they may have changed their sound to which seemed to welcome them. They recently finally put out music after 14 years and expected it did not disappoint.

Kacey Musgraves
She is definitely one of my favourite country musicians at the moment! She emerged at a time when country music did not have a lot of strong female musicians and those that did exist were sort of being sidetracked by “bro-country” which was growing increasingly popular. Unlike a lot of mainstream country musicians she is a lot more liberal and many of her songs do have political messages. She also has an sound but also has a lot of elements of mainstream country.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert is exactly what you think of when you think of a badass Southern girl that’s strong and independent. She has solo music as well as with her group Pistol Annies. She sounds very country unlike the earlier two and definitely sticks with her roots. I personally find her music extremely raw and empowering.

Dolly Parton
I mean I couldn’t possible make a list of female country musicians and leave out Dolly! She is one of the most iconic country musicians of all time and a living legend. She is not only a brilliant musician but also a brilliant business woman who has achieved so much in her life despite coming from a pretty rough background. If you haven’t heard Dolly Parton yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for.
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