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I don’t know if you guys remember but I upgraded my plan to Premium when I reached 10k and then stupidly upgraded again to Business which was a horrible idea and almost destroyed this blog I had worked so hard for. A lot of people do decide to upgrade their plan for the new year for multiple reasons however if you’re one of them I would urge you to read this post first so you can find out whether to upgrade or not. The second part of this post will help you find the right plan for you if you do decide to upgrade.
Income- As you may already know upgrading your blog costs money and you need to check whether you are making enough of an income through your blog to actually afford to upgrade. If you can afford to upgrade go for it but if you don’t make at least how much the upgrade costs through your blog. I would highly recommend waiting to upgrade at least until you make equivalent or more than your upgrade costs.
Predictions for your blog- Where do you see your blog going in the future? If you see a steady growth than upgrading may be the way to go however if you don’t see any growth or even see a loss than perhaps sticking with your current plan until your blog starts growing.
What is your end goal with blogging- if you are blogging as a hobby or as something part-time I would suggest not investing too much money into it unless you can afford to do so. However, if you see this becoming a full-time thing than you should consider investing in your blog with an upgrade. Blogs that don’t have .wordpress look much more professional and if you are planning on blogging full-time it will help make your blog look more professional.
How decided are you about upgrading- This is an important question to ask yourself because although WordPress promises that it will back up your data and if you decide to downgrade it will go back to exactly how it was this is not always the case and I learnt this unfortunately from experience. When I downgraded to Premium Plan from a Business Plan it ended up splitting my posts- I had one with just all my like and one with just all my comments. It was horrible and took forever to sort of fix- I could never properly fix it. My blog still has two posts for every post I made while I had the Business Plan. So the lesson is if you’re not fully invested in upgrading and are iffy about it remember you may lose everything with a downgrade so make a choice you can stick with.
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