Courses I’m Taking This Semester

History Courses

Roman History- okay not going to lie this one isn’t super interesting but I still enjoy it to an extent. I really like learning about Roman history but I am more of a modern history kind of person so this is a little out of my area of interest. It also doesn’t help that most of the people in my seminar class are kind of unfriendly.

History of Diaspora’s– This class is super interesting to me and I am so glad I took it. So far we have learnt a lot about Jewish diaspora communities and soon we’re going to learn about other diaspora communities. Since I am from a diaspora community I find it very relatable and I really like my professor he has such a mellow vibe. The only problem is that it’s a three hour class and sometimes I end up tuning out by mistake.

American Enlightenment- I have taken quite a few American history classes and one with the same professor so I knew I was going to like this one. It’s been so fun and interesting and I look forward to learning more. We are reading both Franklin’s and Jefferson’s autobiographies which are so fascinating.

American Popular Culture- This is a Popular Culture/History course that I am so obsessed with. This is one of my favourite classes I’ve taken so far. My professor is so understanding so we have a much smaller workload and a really fun final paper. We are basically learning about the past American culture and often we compare it to the American culture now.


Archaeology- Not going to lie- the Indiana Jones movies had a lot to do with me taking this course. It’s super fun and interesting- nothing like Indiana Jones though- and I think learning it really compliments the history courses I’m taking. Plus, my seminar class is really fun and friendly!

Country Music- Okay, so this is just the best class ever (may change my mind after I get my marks for my first assignment…). It is super fun, absolutely fascinating and my professor is really good. Even though we have no breaks the two hour class flies by and I rarely tune out. I love country music and learning about it in detail is so interesting because I knew nothing about its origins and how it became popular. Seriously loving this class!

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