Ode To Anxiety

Ode To Anxiety

It was a struggle at first But now my old friend visits Again and again Leaving me helpless in pain Food becomes foe And nights a sweaty drench Laughter leaves the soul Eyes are fogged and blank I learn to laugh again Feels good Like emerging from a black hole Learning to see again Stronger [...]


It is hard to believe what they say With every sentence uttered From their perfectly synchronized lips That the fate of humanity could be so cruel Their actions carried out against our brothers and sisters Out somewhere are real   I can not hear them anymore It's better to switch the channel To shut out [...]

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

Under the dark greying mass I look out As the rain unleashes its temper Protected behind my window As if looking past another world   The beats gradually increase Performing a tribal dance as if memorized Or perhaps like pots and pans Falling with a clatter   Time stands still Or maybe it's the traffic [...]

The Unborns

The Unborns She was expecting a baby She was going to paint her room pink She would have been her little princess Until she was born dead   The world was still The tears were dry It didn’t matter anymore Because she was born dead   She stopped crying at the park Where little girls [...]

I Am Scared

I am scared of what I’ll find Behind the closed doors I’ve been hidden from I am scared of the stories I’ve heard about the world I can’t stay ignorant anymore I have to go out there But I’m scared of what’s out there Inhumane is in itself an irony Mocking, teasing, suicide Abuse, rape, [...]

Give A Bit Of Yours (Guest Post)

Rub off from everyone Bit by bit Take a bit of theirs Give a bit of yours   Learn how to tease Learn how to taunt Learn how to dress And learn how to please   They might force you to smoke They might force you to drink Yes or no Give a bit of [...]