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    How To Balance School And Blogging

    School And Blogging I know a lot of people are back at school and I’ve gotten a lot of messages, emails and comments asking me how I was able to balance university and blogging so I thought I would write an advice post about that topic. University and school in general can be very demanding and to be honest so can blogging. Blogging sounds like it’s all fun and games until you actually get into it and realise just how difficult blogging can be. It can also be quite time consuming especially if you are someone that writes longer posts that require more research. I have also noticed over the…

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    6th Blogiversary!

    It’s officially been six years! I started blogging in 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life (and probably the best decision I made in 2015 🥲). I want to thank everyone for the continued support that you’ve shown myself and the blog. Even though I don’t know you guys in real life I feel like I have a special connection with you guys. In a lot of ways I’m able to connect with the WordPress community better than most people in real life. I feel like I have a space where I can truly be myself and I will always be grateful for…

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    What Self-Hosting Means For You

    Self-Hosting And How This Will Effect You I just wanted to confirm that I will be self-hosting from here onwards. I contacted WP on multiple occasions asking them to unblock me but they completely ignored me and encouraged me to leave so that’s exactly what I will be doing. To be honest I no longer want to be on a platform that does not really care about its users. Here’s a great article on the basics of self-hosting: https://ellesunpopularopinions.com/the-basics-of-understanding-self-hosting/ I have received multiple emails and messages about the situation and what it will mean for my audience/followers. That’s why I wanted to post this as soon as possible to explain…

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    How Email Marketing Can Help Grow Your Blog

    Email Marketing And Its Benefits For Your Blog Marketing is a very important part of blogging if you are looking to grow your blog or start making an income through blogging. Many businesses rely on email marketing as a way of attracting new customers. For blogger, it can also be a beneficial way of increasing traffic, followers and even gaining some income. Here are just some ways in which bloggers can use email marketing. Build loyal readers through a mailing list A mailing list allows regular readers to easily keep up with all your latest posts. Every time you post new content, you can share it to your mailing list,…

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    3 Ways To Connect With Your Readers

    Connecting with your reader is what makes them gets them to come back time and time again. That’s why you need to know how to connect with your readers. If you really connect with your readers very well they may even purchase a Monthly Subscription to your blog–if you have one. In Short: If you want your Blog to Make More Money, and Get More Views than you need to connect. The goal of this Article is to show you 3 simple ways to connect with your Audience that you can do right now. To Continue Reading Click Here

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