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Anxiety And Exercise (Guest Post)

By Abdul Amin
When I first realized that I was suffering from anxiety, I was going crazy stress  mentally. I couldn’t believe that I’ll be dealing with anxiety. I did what many people immediately did seek treatment. It was good talking to my doctor and offering medication for solution. I was also in search for therapist.

I wasn’t feeling all that went ahead with medication it didn’t work. I tried therapy it was boring. I tried every thing it didn’t work I’m really going crazy blaming my doctor for the failure. But something made me realize about natural cure. I was watching Rocky 4 the training scene which felt so real and natural. It’s all mentally and found a method of managing my anxiety and that is physical activity.

I failed to realize that exercise alone is powerful enough to reduce my anxiety. I started working out daily routine and build a incredible strong relationship with physical activity and anxiety. This move help me scale towards living an anxiety free life.

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