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Country Songs I Discovered

As you guys know I really enjoyed my country music course that I took and some time ago I wrote a post about my favourite musicians. I decided to also write a post which specifically was about the songs I truly enjoyed and some information about the song and why I loved it so much.

The Carter Family- No Depression
As you may know from my previous post The Carter Family is country music royalty and No Depression at least to me is one of the most beautiful, raw and real songs I have ever heard not only in country but in music in general. It was released during the Great Depression and I think it did a great job in describing what life in the 1930’s was like in the South for the working class.

Dixie Chicks-
After the 2003 incident The Dixie Chicks received an insane amount of hate even though they were just expressing their opinion and practicing their right to freedom of speech. This song was released to address this and to express their side of everything. I love that they refused to apologise and stayed strong.

Kitty Wells- It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
This song was among the first response songs ever written in country music. It was a time when honky tonks were popular and many men got drunk in these honky tonks and cheated on their wives. However, instead of taking responsibility for their actions the men often blamed the women at honky tonks who were referred to as honky tonk angels. Hank Williams song Wild Side Of Life in particular did this to which this song by Wells’ was released as a response.

Dolly Parton- 9 to 5
I mean it’s Dolly Parton of course she had to be on this list! This song in particular is such a perfect description of what blue collar work feels like for the proletariat that I was just obsessed with it. Of course, it helps that it’s also super catchy and fun to listen to!

Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues
I love Johnny Cash and this song is probably one of my favourite songs by him. I think it’s amazing how much time he spent trying to reform prisons and that he even performed in prisons.

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in reading a post will the full list of country songs I learnt in my class!
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