Addis Ababa Part 1

Since we were in Ethiopia for 2 days we decided to do a little exploring. We asked at the hotel what places we should visit and he gave us a map with the most popular tourist destinations and so we decided to check them out.

First we decided to head to Entoto Hill which has the most beautiful view of Addis Ababa. It was absolutely gorgeous!!


Also around that area was a cathedral and a smaller museum that we absolutely loved!

Next we hurried to the National Museum which was going to close soon. It was absolutely fascinating. Different floors had different exhibitions. The first floor had archeological artifacts, the second floor had paintings and art and the ground floor had paleontological replicas and bones.

Then we did a little shopping and got a few beautiful souvenirs to remember this wonderful trip by. We even explored the hotel which was filled with amazing art and culture.

Also I really have to say that one of the reasons we had such a great time was because the people there were so great! They were super friendly and helpful and inviting. Plus, they were so proud of the culture they had managed to preserve for all these years and they were just happy to share it with us as we were to learn about it!

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