A-Z Tag- A Really Fun Tag!

I want to thank thepurplealmond for nominating me for this amazing tag! Thepurplealmond is an amazing blog filled with incredible posts that I would highly recommend you check out!

A- Artsy (I love anything to do with art!) 

B- Berserk (I’ve always been a little crazy!)

C- Creative (One of the few things I’m good at is being creative!)

D- Dramatic (It’s true I can be a little dramatic! *faints dramatically with hand on forehead*)  

E- Easygoing (I am pretty calm most of the time) 

F- Fun (If your idea of fun is reading or binge watching TV shows about murder I am pretty fun!) 

G- Graduate (I just graduated high school!)  

H- History (I am obsessed with anything and everything to do with history!)

I- Intelligible ( I’m pretty coherent!)

J- Jocose (In all honestly I just like this word)

K- Kind (It’s important to treat one another with kindness)

L- Lavender (It’s my favorite scent!)

M- Meditation (I love meditating) 

N- Nature (I love nature and being surrounded by it!)

O- Open-minded (Being open-minded is very important!)

P- Positive (An important part of my life and this blog!)

Q- Queen (One of my favorite bands!)

R- Rational (I’m rational like 60% of the time…)

S- Shabby (I’m kind of shabby looking)

T- TV (I can not live without my TV shows)

U- Unorganised (I am not an organised person whatsoever)

V- Vet (As a child I wanted to be a vet for a while)

W- Weird (I’m weird and I like it!)

X- Xenodochial (I like meeting new people!)

Y- Yoga (I love yoga!)

Z- Zealous (It’s hard to find words that start with Z…)

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Shay-lon Moss


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