A Fun Day (Part 1)

So last week I asked you guys what I should blog about more and what you guys enjoy reading about/seeing the most and a lot of people voted to see more posts about what’s going on with me/travel posts and I thought wow perfect timing because I had an amazing day last week that I wanted to share with you guys. I’ll be sharing it in three parts though because it was a lot and I don’t want to make one super long post- I’d rather make three medium sized posts. 

The days started with me going to university like I always do but luckily on Fridays I just have one class and come home by like 11 so I decided to spend the rest of the day going out and doing some site seeing because I’m going to be spending like 4 months at home during winter and I wanted to go out in fall while I still can. 

First we stopped at Rise Above my FAVOURITE vegan restaurant to eat some lunch before we go everywhere in the afternoon. We started with their soup of the day which was curried corn chowder (at least that’s what I think it was called!). I usually am not a huge fan of corn in general but this soup was really amazing and I’m glad I took the chance and tried it.


For our main course I had the Blackened Seitan and my sister had the Summer Pie. Both of them were amazing and we pretty much just stuffed our faces for like half an hour! It was also the first time I had succotash which came with the seitan and honestly I thought I would hate it but it was so good I think I’ll be having it again! I usually hate corn and things that are mushy in texture but I really loved this- maybe it’s just Rise Above’s good vibes…



For drinks we had these insanely delicious milkshakes that I legit can not stop thinking about! Seriously, they’ve been haunting me ever since… 😂


[wpvideo 9MYCk6a9]

Of course no meal is complete without some dessert so we headed over to Beechwood Donuts for some delicious vegan donuts. My sister got the sprinkle one and I got birthday cake.


Finally, we decided to spend some time millenial style with some friends… just kidding!


I had been seeing this graffiti every time we passed from the area and that day I was like you know what I need to take some pictures here and share it with you guys!



T-shirt: H&M

Pants: Fairweather Clothing

Shoes: Topshop

Anyway that’s it for part one and thank you to everyone who asked for more posts about my life/travels in the comments!

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