5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Long Term

Mental Health Awareness Month

Anxiety is something that has effected me for a long time now and since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month I thought I would share 5 ways to reduce anxiety long term that have really helped me. Although anxiety can be something that effects you your entire life it doesn’t have to control your life. These 5 methods to reduce anxiety have really helped me better deal with the symptoms and live my life as “normally” as possible. I hope they help others suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or other mental health problems.


Yoga is something that a lot of people with mental health problems find incredibly beneficial. Although it does not work instantly practicing yoga over time can really help you with anxiety. There are also a number of specific yoga poses for anxiety and there are a number of tutorials online so that way you can even do them from home if you aren’t able to go to yoga classes in person.


This is something that has personally helped me more than anything for my anxiety and mental health in general. It really helps you control your brain better as well as calm your brain down. If you have anxiety you probably have a difficult time with calming your mind down even when there is nothing to be anxious about. This can be extremely helpful with that problem. It also helps you stay calm in stressful times and situations.


This is something I tried out recently that I have found very helpful. I started using CBD oil a few months ago for my anxiety and insomnia and have been using it regularly since then. I have found that over time it has helped to significantly decrease my anxiety- especially my social anxiety. For a more detailed post on using CBD oil for mental health click here.

Breathing/Relaxation Techniques

Breathing and relaxation techniques can be very helpful for anxiety. Certain situations, events or experiences may be particularly stressful and these techniques can help with dealing with these situations without being anxious or having a panic attack. Over time it can help you be in better control of your emotions and mind.


If other alternative methods do not help with your anxiety I would highly recommend seeking professional help. Try talking to the people around you that you trust if you don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger or are not able to see a professional therapist at the moment. If you are able to see a trained professional this would be very beneficial for you as they will help you recognize your symptoms and find ways to deal with them. If you are not able to physically go to therapy there are also professionals that offer sessions online. Therapy can be extremely helpful in the long run.
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