5 Ways To Feel More Positive

Be grateful- It’s always a good idea to start and end the day by being grateful for everything you have. I know a lot of times it’s difficult to be grateful or it may feel like you have nothing to be grateful for but these times are when you need to be grateful the most. It can be something as small as your pet or having a roof over your head or having a meal.
Be thankful- it’s also a good idea to be thankful for all the amazing things in your life. Again when you’re feeling down it may seem like you don’t have much to be thankful for but keeping a jar can help. All you have to do is get a jar and everytime something good happens write it down on a small piece of paper and put it into the jar and when you’re feeling down open up the jar and read these and be thankful for them. This is just one idea there are multiple things like this you can find online and you can make it into a fun little project!
Read/listen to positive things- negative things can make you feel negative and being around positive things can make you feel more positive. Instead of watching stuff, reading things, listening to things that are negative watch/read/listen to positive things. You can read inspirational/motivational books or listen to positive music/books and you can look through positive quotes online. This really helps improve your mood!
Smile- I hate being told to smile because duh but sometimes smiling helps! Studies show that smiling even when you’re not feeling great can help improve your mood so give it a try!
Talk to people you care about- sometimes talking to friends or family members can really help make you feel more positive so find someone to talk to and have a good chat with them! It might make you feel a lot better!
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